Yan ZHAO (趙 岩)
Ph.D. Candidate,
University of Tsukuba.

I am currently a PhD candidate at University of Tsukuba, Japan. I achieved the bachelor degree at Northwest A&F University, China. I achieved the master degree at Iwate University, Japan. My research interests are Computer Graphics, Human Computer Interface, Computational Origami. I am now studying at NPAL as a doctor third year student.


2007.9~2011.7: Bachelor @ Northwest A&F University, China
2011.10~2012.9: Research student @ Iwate University, Japan
2012.10~2014.9: Master @ Iwate University, Japan
2015.4~Now: Ph.D. Candidate @ University of Tsukuba, Japan

Research Projects



  • Yan Zhao, Yoshihiro Kanamori, Jun Mitani, "Geometry of Axisymmetric 3D Origami Consisting of Triangular Facets", Journal for Geometry and Graphics, Vol. 21, No. 1, pp. 107-118, 2017.
International Conferences
  1. Yan Zhao, Yoshihiro Kanamori, Jun Mitani, "Geometry of axisymmetric 3D origami consisting of triangle facets", in: Proceeding of the 17th International Conference on Geometry and Graphics, No. 11, 2016-8.
  2. Yan Zhao, Yuta Sugiura, Mitsunori Tada, Jun Mitani, "InsTangible: A Tangible User Interface Combining Pop-up Cards with Conductive Ink Printing", In International Conference on Entertainment Computing (pp. 72-80). Springer, Cham.New
  1. Yan Zhao, Yuki Endo, Yoshihiro Kanamori, Jun Mitani:“Triangle-based Axisymmetric 3D Origami Design”, 日本応用数理学会2017年度年会, pp.399-400, 2017-9.New
  2. Yan Zhao, Yoshihiro Kanamori, Jun Mitani:“A Computational Design Method for Tucking Axisymmetric 3D Origami Consisting of Triangle Facets”, 日本応用数理学会2016年度年会, pp.80-81, 2016-9.
  3. 趙 岩, 杉浦 裕太, 多田 充徳, 三谷 純: "insTangible:ポップアップカードと回路印刷を組み合わせた即時的なタンジブルインタフェース ",インタラクション2016, 2016-3.(インタラクティブ発表賞)Project Page
  4. 趙 岩,松山 克胤,千葉 史,今野 晃市:“計測点群の分類に基づく接合資料の内部空洞形状再構築手法の検討”, NICOGRAPH 2013, pp.49-52, CD-ROM, 11 月 8,9 日,(2013).
  1. Yan Zhao, Yoshihiro Kanamori, Jun Mitani, "Simulation of Triangle-based Axisymmetric Rigid Origami", ICMMA 2016 'Origami-Based Modeling and Analysis', 2016-11.
  2. 趙 岩,三谷 純:“三角形から構成される軸対称な立体折紙”, 第20回折り紙の科学・数学・教育 研究集会, 2016-6.
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  4. Yan ZHAO, Katsutsugu MATSUYAMA, Fumito CHIBA, Kouichi KONNO:“Inside shape extraction to find stone tools for restoration by refitted flakes”, 平成 24 年度第2回 芸術科学会東北支部研究会,9 月 29 日,(2012).

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