Efficiently Modeling 3D Scenes from a Single Image

Satoshi Iizuka1, Yoshihiro Kanamori1, Jun Mitani1,2 and Yukio Fukui1

1University of Tsukuba / 2JST ERATO


This paper presents a system for assisting the user to create a 3D model easily and quickly from a single image. Our scene model is composed of a background and foreground objects whose coordinates are calculated based on a "boundary" between "ground" and "wall". Moreover, we introduce a fast method for extracting a foreground object by combining image segmentation and graph cut-based optimization. We show that the proposed system enables efficient modeling of foreground objects, easy creation of their textures, and rapid construction of a 3D scene model that is simple but produces sufficient 3D effects.

Keywords: image-based modeling/rendering, single view modeling, foreground extraction

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  1. Satoshi Iizuka, Yoshihiro Kanamori, Jun Mitani, and Yukio Fukui, "Efficiently Modeling 3D Scenes from a Single Image", IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 32, 6, 18-25, 2012. [Pdf (1.8MB)] [Movie (5.6MB)] [BibTex]